Executive Committee

  • President
    Dede Rothenberg
    Nominating Committee
    Volunteer Appreciation
    Special Correspondence

  • Executive Vice President
    Jill Allison Jennings
    Concert Coordinator
    Tour Packets

    Immediate Past Present
    Ellen Haas
    Gift Kiosk / Book Table
    Guest Services

    Vice President / Secretary
    Kathy Emery
    Adele Young Orchestra / Staff Lunch Breaks
    Meetings and Receptions

    Vice President
    Amy Friedner
    Patron Lounges
    Membership / Mentoring

    Vice President
    Antawn Fuqua
    Subscriber Appreciation Month
    Membership Table
    Volunteer Networking / Tech Support

    Vice President
    Brett Kelly
    Staff Assistance

    Vice President
    Ann Seifert
    Open Rehearsals

    Vice President
    Henry Wong

Steering Committee

  • Adele Young Orchestra/Staff Lunch Breaks
    Kathy Emery
    Phyllis Rubin

  • Archives
    Rena Schklowsky

  • Auditions
    Harriet Levine
    Sara Sadin

  • Concert Coordinator
    Joan Conner

  • Education
    Brett Kelly
    Michael Leigh
    Nona Ventry

  • Gift Kiosk / Book Table
    Sandra Chiappino, Scheduling
    Froma Eisenberg, Merchandise
    Amy Friedner, Bookkeeper
    Susan Miller, Merchandise
    Carolyn Ramsdal, Books

  • Guest Services
    Michael DeStio

  • Hospitality
    Matt Feinstein

  • Meetings and Receptions
    Edna Harris
    Linda Rogers

  • Membership Mentoring
    Katrina Hering
    Jennifer Noble
    Pam Stewart

  • Membership Table
    Judy Haddad
    Sherri Reiss

  • Newsletter
    Barry Schwartz

  • Nominating
    Stefanie Tuder

  • Open Rehearsals
    Sylvia Arnowich
    Linda Rogers

  • Parks Concert
    Carolyn Ramsdal
    Nona Ventry

  • Patron Lounges
    Suellen Ettinger
    Maida Hirschkorn

  • Special Correspondence
    Bill Gerdes

  • Staff Assistance / Special Projects
    Tom Buffkin

  • Subscriber Appreciation Month
    Carolyn Ramsdal
    Pinar Terzi Sarr

  • Technology / Scheduling
    Tom Buffkin
    Amy Friedner
    Brett Kelly
    Pinar Terzi Sarr

  • Tour Packets
    Laura Bronson
    Norman Feit
    Dagmar Miller
    Barry Schwartz
    Doris Schwartz

  • Training
    Pam Stewart

  • Volunteer Appreciation
    Carol Dallos
    Gloria Goldberg