Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic Summer Benefit

YNY Summer Benefit

Join us!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
7:30 PM
To be held at a private New York City club

A private performance by Musicians from the New York Philharmonic, dinner, and late-night open bar with dancing

Cocktail attire
Jacket and tie required

Summer Benefit tickets are no longer available online. To purchase a ticket or for more information, please contact Hillary Beson at (212) 875-5760 or


Sarah Jane Gibbons,
Chair, Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic

Benefit Committee Chairmen

Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons
Justin R. Kush

Stefan Nowicki
Spencer L. Reames

Benefit Committee Vice Chairmen

Talene and Eric Baroyan
Barbara Bispham
Eric Blair-Joannou
Robert B. Goodfellow
Alexandra C. Porter

Barbara Regna
Fatima V. Sanandaji
Gerardo Ubaghs
Andrew T. Ward

Benefit Committee

Tom Anderman
C. Gordon Beck III
Courtney H. Benenson
Bettina Bennett
Meg and Owen Boger
Holly and David Caracappa
Livia Cheung and Charlie Choi
Ellen N. Ching
Krissie Darr
Stephanie DiMilia
Maela and Reginal Dynasty
Bailey H. Eisen
Nathan Frank
Mark F. Gilbertson
Matthew Gilbertson
Shaun M. Gilboy
Tatiana E. Gutierrez
Karen Hong
Laura and Geoffrey Hsu
Amy Hutchings
Kate and Patton Kline

Brie Kluytenaar
Whitney Krahn
Christopher Lenoci
Marc A. Lewinstein
Stacey Lyons
Jessica E. McShane
Elizabeth Morris and Peter Sculco
Melissa C. Morris
Sophia and Jim Mullen
Katie and Michael Newman
Mike Nixon
Lauren and Jamieson Odell
Jennifer Reid
Grayson Rueckert
Duncan C. Sahner
Ian Carleton Schaefer
Amanda Smeal
Catherine E. Tenney
Sean Viscount
Krystian von Speidel

as of April 23, 2019

The Summer Benefit is made possible, in part, by generous support from Mrs. Barbara Cates and an anonymous donor.

Additionally, we would like to thank the following contributors for generously supporting this event.
Leader Hosts: Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons Benefactor Hosts: Spencer L. Reames and Farrell Fritz, P.C. and Ian Carleton Schaefer Supporter Hosts: Stefan Nowicki and Richard T. Troxel Friend Hosts: Meg and Owen Boger Benefactors: C. Gordon Beck III, Courtney H. Benenson, Livia Cheung and Charlie Choi, Shaun M. Gilboy, Dayla and Franklin Keller, Christopher Lenoci, Fatima V. Sanandaji, and Catherine E. Tenney Supporters: Eric Blair-Joannou, Krissie Darr, Stephanie DiMilia, Bailey H. Eisen, Tatiana E. Gutierrez, Amy Hutchings, Marc A. Lewinstein, Sophia and Jim Mullen, Harrison Roach, Duncan C. Sahner, and Sean Viscount